• According to a thing I heard on NPR newborns have trouble with depth perception and multiple colors. That’s why the Red/Black/White color scheme is popular on a lot of baby toys. If you present too many colors the kid goes into sensory overload and shuts down. My oldest was getting really fussy at ToysRUs. I found a row of multi-colored plush toys and ran him up and down the aisle a couple times in the stroller. He went out like a light.
  • We were car shopping and got stuck with a really aggressive salesman. One little pinch to the baby and he let out a scream that would crack the Hope diamond. No more salesman.
  • We set pretty strict bedtimes for the kids. If they complained about having to go to bed I always blamed the clock.

    “What’s your bedtime?”


    What’s the first number on the clock?


    “Well I guess it’s time for bed. Sorry but that’s what the clock says. Wish you could stay up longer.”


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