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This code lets you search for every folder’s index.html and then download that without having to download every other file. This is assuming you have ssh’d in and are in the starting directory of your choice.

^Croot@server> find . -name "index.html" > /folder/test.txt
root@server> tar cvf /folder/indexfiles.tar -I /folder/test.txt

I just spent a minute of my life looking for my phone as my happy chimes rang, calling to me. The phone was in my hand but not ringing. It was only at the last passing of the ringtone that I realized it was coming from the ceiling. I agree, upstairs neighbor, iPhones are dandy.

When you use a canon printer on airport express it seems it’s better to use lj driver instead of the name of the printer driver. This is when the canon printer is on bonjour. I haven’t found an explanation as to why this is. It might save you a headache or two, though  by downloading the lj driver of your printer from the Canon website.