I would like these features:

  1. E-ink Screen-I want to see my screen even in the sun; it also helps accomplish #4
  2. use a finger/stylus and write on it.
  3. Use Microsoft office stuff’n’junk on it
  4. Better battery usage-I want to be able to use my phone unplugged
  5. Better processor-I want it to be a mobile computer.
  6. a version with a tactile keyboard for those that don’t like screen kind
  7. UI that requires LITTLE-to-no fiddling about to learn. I want my techinept friends to be able to point at what they want and WHAM! it did what they wanted plus what they didn’t know they wanted but look it did it and they’re happy!
  8. Ability to actually run several applications at once (yeah, I’m an iphone user. Shuddup, windows people)
  9. Talk time should equal minimum 24 hours if someone isn’t using their dataplan blah
  10. Talk time should equal minimum of 10 hours if the user is using their dataplan and blah blah
  11. Video should have a decent resolution that makes it Youtube hd
  12. Video should have a flash (yeah, its an iphone 3gs I currently have, shutyerface)
  13. Picture quality should be good enough for facebook
  14. It should have bluetooth because all phones have it and its nifty
  15. It should be able to use microsd or some standard storage that works with windows/mac/other
  16. It should have a power station that works on many different phones so that each time I update I don’t have to buy all the accessories again. Do you remember the old power stations with the spot for two batteries? What about a station kinda like that but you just set your phon on it and automatically starts charging? You can buy a skin for the iphone that lets it do that with a special pricy doodad. Just make the phone already incorporate special pricy doodad! Then you can offer DIFFERENT COLORED PLUG-IN-THE-WALL-STATIONSZOMG!
  17. It should feel durable. Even if it isn’t, I want it to feel like it is well made.

So, uh, yeah, when you want to talk to me about that… lemme know. Cool, thanks.