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I know what boys like!
I know what boys want!
They want to fart in peanut butter jars!


TBE likes Canada branded things like I like VANDALS branded things.

I see this in the morning and as I’m being tickled.


TBE and I are going to Worley, ID for the weekend. I’m extremely excited to see my family, experience my Grandmother’s and mother’s cooking but am also rather frightened of TBE interacting with my Grandfather. Grandpa is rather known for asking ackward questions. TBE is rather known for answering much more honestly/exagerating/smiling while lying ┬áthan anyone really wanted to know.


I might die. Of embarrassment.

it’s also important to savour the kill
after you have killed them use a shotgun to remove their limbs, and imagine it’s really them
feel the satisfaction with each blast
you should imagine each kill brings you closer to zen

TBE just bought me a Brother Innovis-950D sewing machine for my birthday! I am DYING to try it out. Just a bit more work and I can play tonight!


Say that with me, kids. “Poo-teen”. This is not “poutain,” French for hooker. Or any other thing it might sound like to my american ears. TBE has made many claims about the wonders of this dish. Wikipedia can tell you the finer details.
All I know is that when I first met him he was talking about how much he loves to eat poutine and I thought, “Well, that’s more than I needed to know about you on a first encounter.” Tonight, finally, I will be trying this much-hailed dish and trying not to snort it out my nose as I recall what I originally pictured as he said poutine had fries in it.

Update: Think mashed potatoes and cheese+gravy. Sooooo goooooood. I never want to eat that again. I think I ate my caloric intake for the year.

TBE – My butt smells like roses!
Me – Peonies are more fragrant!

TBEjust grabbed my flight to Florida to take me to Disney World, end of September! I am so excited! It hasn’t totally hit me that he did in fact do that for me, despite the fact I have the confirmation emaill, but I am so thrilled to get to go! When I first heard he was going I was jealous I wouldn’t be able to go (my salary? +-$0 at any given moment) and when he suggested I ask my parents, I knew that was laughable. In the span of 20 minutes he went from telling me to ask my parents to paying for my flight. I’m considering that a Birthday/Christmas/Valentines/Birthday/Christmas gift

All I really want to know is: What have I done right so I can keep doing it?

Pound him

TBE: do you want to go to pound-me-in-the-ass-prison for copyright violation? That’s my song!

Ann: Do I want to go to pound-you-in-the-ass-prison?

TBE: psh.